Swimming Lessons

Beginners Learn To Swim Lessons

Beginner Swim Lessons are ideally suited to children aged 3 years and up. Don't wait too long to introduce your child to lessons. At 3 years your child is easily able to start learning this important skill.

Safety and Water Confidence is critical to learning. Your child should be swimming safely in the water under general supervision by the age of 5 years old.

Simply Sports Thailand Academy can help you achieve this.

Packages are available in 30min and 60 min lessons.

To reach a good level you will require between 20 and 40 lessons.

Skills learned in this phase will include putting the face in the water, blowing bubbles, toy retrieval from under water, "dog paddle" with breath to the front, basic freestyle kick (with and without a kick-board),floating face up and face down, floating face down with controlled bubbles, etc.

Intermediate Lessons and Stroke Development

Intermediate lessons start the process of teaching kids the formal strokes. We start with Freestyle and Breast Stroke while also touching on basics (Floating positions and Kicking) for Back Stroke and Butterfly.

Skills developed from the Beginner level are used to introduce the more formal strokes of Freestyle and Breast Stroke. From the skill of face down floating and bubbles we introduce the arm strokes and breathing to the side.

Breast Stroke kick with floating, Breast Stroke arms and breathing, timing of the movements to include a smooth glide. Butterfly (Mermaid) kick on top and underwater, Back Stroke kick and position with kick-board.

Students will be tasked with being able to swim 25 metres of both Freestyle and Breast Stroke to complete this level. Diving is also introduced at this level.

Advanced Lessons - Stroke and Competition Training

Take your swimming skills to the next level.

Improve your performances to get the best out of your results.

We will assist you to improve all your strokes while identifying the stroke(s) and events that are the best for your skills.

We conduct training to improve your competition results.

Set Personal Best times and strive for more with our guidance.

Stroke Efficiency, Fitness, Stamina, Strength, Starts and Turns.

The Psychology a racing and getting the best from your mind.

Use swimming to better yourself, find confidence and self control.

We can show you how. Becoming a better swimmer and a better person is now achievable.